Equine Sports Therapy

Isola Stables provides state of the art Equine Sports Therapy

All equine athletes need the best care.

Mental fitness is a very important aspect of Isola's training philosophy. The miles of rolling hills and lovely trails we have provide excellent physical conditioning as well as the mental stimulation your horse needs to thrive. 

Our Equine Sports Therapy includes:

Equine Therapeutic Heat Solarium

Therapeutic Ice Compression Treatment System
Centurion Magnetic Pulse Blanket & Hoof Pad

Heat Solarium

 A Solarium is a system of large red lamps that give off infrared heat. This will help your horse by improving performance, increasing circulation, and reducing injury. The heat energy generated by the lamps penetrates the skin, aiding in warming up prior to exercise and drying and loosening muscles after exercise.

Pressure-Ice Therapy

Pressure-Ice® Therapy reduces pain and swelling by providing deep penetrating cold and active compression. The cooling effect minimizes inflammation and acts as a mild analgesic. The cold active compression stimulates blood flow to the area, carrying oxygen to help heal damaged tissue. It also moves excessive fluid buildup from the area via the lymphatic system.

Pulsating Magnetic Fields Therapy Blankets

Clinical studies have shown that pulsating magnetic fields can reduce pain sensations almost immediately by stimulating and regenerating cell tissue. It is a highly popular form of therapy for muscles, ligaments, bone repair, wound healing, and blood revitalization.

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