Mette Dresser

Mette was born in Denmark and began riding when she was eight years old. Her equestrian training continued at a center north of Copenhagen with a long history of very successful riders.


Mette enjoyed inspiration from top dressage and jumper riders. Her mentor was Bereiter Lindy Fogh Pedersen who was a Danish Champion in both Dressage and Grand Prix Jumping. He was the most influential trainer in Mette’s younger years.

Mette came to the United States in 1994 to train horses at a big breeding farm in California. Later she imported her first Danish Warmblood and continued her education with top trainers, German Bereiter Jochen Hippenstiel, Danish Bereiter Gunnar Ostergaard and German Bereiter Wolfgang Scherzer earning her USDF Bronze and Silver medals.

Mette strives to bring out the best in any horse or student using the principles of classical horsemanship. Mette is happy to teach students all levels dedicated to achieve their goals. Mette wants her students to have fun and build confidence in order to be a successful rider enjoying harmony with the horse.

Mette is available for lessons and accepts horses and riders in dressage training.

For more information you are welcome to call Mette 352 449 9730.

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